Below are resources for the rank of Tiger.
These resources can be used to help you learn the skill or knowledge 
so that you are able to practice to be signed off on completion.

Tiger 30 Day Challenge
Tiger Adventures

Things to do with your Tiger Scout while practicing social distancing (Make sure you let your den leader or pack advancement chair know what you’ve done so it can be recorded in your Scout’s advancement record):

  1. Take a short hike in nature.  Before you go, have your scout put together the Cub Scout 6 Essentials (A healthy snack, water, whistle, sunscreen, simple first aid kit, and flashlight).  Ask them what else they would need if it was raining. Have your scout carry their own gear during the hike.  Identify 2 animals, 2 trees, and 2 other plants you see.  Identify 2 birds you see or hear.  You can also identify signs that animals have been on the trail.  When you get home, have your scout learn more about the animals (or signs of animals) they saw. (Satisfies the following adventure requirements: My Tiger Jungle #’s 1 & 3; Tigers in the Wild #’s 1, 2, 4, 6 & 7)
  2. Take a 1 Foot Hike.  Here’s how.  (Satisfies the adventure requirement: My Tiger Jungle #’s 2)
  3. Talk about your family – Where are your ancestors from?  What history, traditions, and cultural heritage do you carry on?  Locate the places your ancestors are from on a map.  Make a family tree up to 3 generations.  Tell them how they got their name.  Talk about how your family is a team.  Agree on a task the scout can do at mealtimes and have them do it at least 4 times in the next month. (Satisfies parts of adventure requirements for Family Stories #’s 1, 5, & 8; Team Tiger #1 & 3; Earning Your Stripes #3)
  4. Play together.  Have your scout make up a new game and play it with the family.  Have a video game “tournament”. (Satisfies Games Tigers Play #4, Tiger-iffic! #4a)
  5. Go for a bike ride. Before you go, try on safety gear and do a safety check on the bike.  Make sure to wear a properly-fitted helmet.  Teach your scout safety tips for riding such as proper hand signals.  Follow safety and traffic laws while on your bike ride. (Satisfies Rolling Tigers #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)
  6. Look at the night sky.  Talk about what you see.  Find two constellations.  Find out the names of the stars that make up the constellation and how the constellation got its name. Draw and name your own constellation (Satisfies Sky is the Limit #’s 1 & 4)
  7. Help your Scout earn their Cyber Chip at
  8. Visit an art gallery virtually.  Talk about the art – what your scout likes and why.  Create a piece of art on paper, poster board, or canvas.  Use shapes to draw or create art.  Use tangrams to create shapes. (Satisfies Stories in Shapes #’s 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
  9. Teach safety skills.  Help your scout memorize your address and phone number.  Teach them how to “stop, drop, and roll.”  Help them draw a fire escape map of your home and practice a fire drill with them.  Have them help you identify and test all of the smoke detectors in your home.  Replace the batteries if needed. (Satisfies Tiger: Safe & Smart #’s 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 & 8)