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   Position Name Phone

Field Service Team

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  Cecil District Executive Mark Clausing 302-622-3300 x117
    Click to call Mark
  Choptank District Executive Hunter Layne 302-622-3300 x205
    Click to call Hunter
  Iron Hill District Executive Patty Croce 302-622-3300 x 107
    Click to call Patty
  Iron Hill District Executive Orlando Suarez 302-622-3300 x124
    Click to call Orlando
  Outreach Director Desiree McCray 302-622-3300 x109
    Click to call Desiree
  Powder Mill Sr. District Executive Nick Henry 302-622-3300 x114
    Click to call Nick
  Outreach Paraprofessional  Vacant 302-622-3300 x116
  Sussex District Executive Leanne Vasold 302-622-3300 x202
    Click to call Leanne
  Tricounty District Executive Kim Parsons 302-622-3300 x206
    Click to call Kim
  Two Bays Senior District Executive Daniel Davis 302-622-3300 x126
    Click to call Daniel
  Two Bays District Executive Mark Hertel 302-622-3300 x132
    Click to call Mark
  Virginia District Executive Paul Odom 302-622-3300 x209
    Click to call Paul
  Northern Service Area Field Director Matt Keck 302-622-3300 x123
    Click to call Matt
  Southern Service Area Field Director Paul Odom 302-622-3300 x209
    Click to call Paul

Program Experience Team

  Director of Program Experience Bill Mischke 302-622-3300 x129
    Click to call Bill
  Director of Middle & High School Programs Rick Suhrbier 410-287-5888 x401
    Click to call Rick
  Director of Elementary School Programs Lucas Blinn 302-622-3300 x133
    Click to call Lucas
  Outdoor Program Administrator Lisa Mallard 302-622-3300 x127
    Click to call Lisa
  Assistant Outdoor Programs Administrator Amy Valenti 302-622-3300 x128
    Click to call Amy
  Property Supt. Rodney Scout Reservation Charles Shirley 410-287-3288 x408
    Click to call Charlie
  Camp Ranger Henson Scout Reservation Craig Richards 410-202-0053 x508
    Click to call Craig

Development & Marketing  

  Development Director Kevin LesCallette 302-622-3300 x207
    Click to call Kevin
  Finance Specialist Carol Swank 302-622-3300 x113
    Click to call Carol

Finance Services

  Controller Jeena Abraham 302-622-3300 x106
    Click to call Jeena
  Controller Assistant Sonja Sutton 302-622-3300 x122
    Click to call Sonja

Customer Service

  Customer Service Representative Charyll Grayson 302-622-3300 x125
    Click to call Charyll
  Customer Service Representative Elaine Rossiter 302-622-3300 x130
    Click to call Elaine


  Scout Executive Bill Garrett 302-622-3300 x105
    Click to call Bill
  Director of Field Service Justin Rodstrom 302-622-3300 x118
    Click to call Justin
  Director of Support Services Ray Teat 302-622-3300 x115
    Click to call Ray
  Director of Development Brian DeBease 302-622-3300 x112
    Click to call Brian
  Administrative Assistant  Susan Mullin 302-622-3300 x110
    Click to call Sue
Wilmington Scout Shop    
  Manager Bob Chappell 302-622-9120 x306
Henson Scout Shop   Click to call Bob
  Manager Christy Clendenin 410-202-0053 x509
    Click to call Christy


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