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Unit Elections Report Form

Adult Leader Nomination Form

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Vigil Nomination Forms

The Vigil Honor is unique. It is a high mark of distinction and recognition for arrowmen who, by the reason of exceptional service and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position. As such, it is the highest honor that an Order of the Arrow Lodge can bestow on its members. The Vigil honor is not earned; it is given to honor someone for going above and beyond the description of his or her position in scouting, for the greater good of the boys. Under no circumstances should tenure in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow be considered as reason enough for a Vigil Honor recommendation. To be eligible for consideration for the Vigil Honor, an arrowman must have been a Brotherhood member for at least two years at the time of the Lodge Vigil selection meeting; and a member in good standing with the Del-Mar-Va Council, B.S.A. and Nentego Lodge (registered with dues paid). 

Once completed the nomination form can be emailed to or handed into the Honors Chair no later than the start of Fellowship on Friday of the Spring weekend.

Example of Vigil Nomination Form

Vigil Honor Nomination Form


Award Nomination Forms

At the Annual Banquet, Nentego Lodge is proud to honor those Arrowmen who go above and beyond to serve his or her fellow Scouts and Scouters.  Below are forms required to nominate potential recipients for these awards.  Award requirements and criteria are established on each respective form.

Founders Award Nomination Form

Pappy Award Nomination Form

Hickman Award Nomination Form

Participation Award (Fish Pin) Forms

At the Annual Banquet, Nentego Lodge recognizes those Arrowmen who step up to serve the Lodge in a variety of roles.  Award requirements and criteria are established on each respective form.

Participation Award - Inductions (Green Fish Pin)

Participation Award - Program (Orange Fish Pin)

Participation Award - Service (Black Fish Pin)


Honor Chapter

The Lodge Executive Committee has established criteria for an Honor Chapter Award.  Those Chapters in Nentego Lodge that meet these criteria will be recognized at the Banquet as an exceptional Honor Chapter.  Please see the form below for the requirements.

Honor Chapter Form


High Adventure Campership Application

The Lodge Executive Committee has voted to allocate Lodge funds to offset the costs of program fees for Nentego Lodge Arrowmen attending an OA High Adventure Program.  See the form below for details.

High Adventure Campership Application

Historic Trails Award Application

The Lodge Executive Committee has established criteria for a Historic Trails Award.  Those Arrowmen who meet these criteria can earn the award and are entitled to purchase the appropriate recognition flap.  Please see the form below for the requirements.

Historic Trails Award Application

Lodge Officer Candidacy Petition

If you are seeking election to the role of Nentego Lodge Officer, you must complete this form.  Forms are due to the Lodge Adviser at the Fall Weekend.  Candidates for all positions must be a youth member (under 21) for the entire length of their projected term.  Candidates for Lodge Chief must currently be on the Lodge Executive Committee.

Lodge Officers will be elected in the following order:  Lodge Chief;  Vice Chief of Inductions;  Vice Chief of Service;  Vice Chief of Program;  Lodge Secretary;  Lodge Treasurer.  Each Chapter will be given one vote for every youth member in attendance at the meeting, for a maximum of 10 votes per Chapter.  Votes will be cast by the Chapter Chief of his designee.  Votes may be split among candidates. 

Lodge Officer Candidacy Petition

Lodge Rules

The lodge rules are the official document that directs the actions of the Lodge.

Lodge Rules

Lodge Leadership Responsibilities

Lodge Expense Reimbursement

This is the official form used to request reimbursement for expenses that have been pre-approved by the LEC.

Expense Reimbursement Form


Letter to Candidates

Letter to Parents of Candidates

Inductions  Invitation Letter  (Weekend Info, Equip List, etc.)