Unit Commissioner Resources


Unit Service will enable units to better serve more youth by providing an adequate number of trained commissioners who provide a link to District Operating Committee and other resources in support of a quality unit program.



The mission of Unit Service is to help units better serve more youth through scouting.



  • Supporting unit growth and retention through the Journey to Excellence.

  • Contacting units and capturing in commissioner tools their strengths, needs, and a unit service plan that enables continuing improvement.

  • Linking unit needs to District Operating Committee and other resources.

  • Supporting timely unit, district and council charter renewals.

  • Supporting unit leaders by delivering effective roundtables that provide program ideas, relationship development, and timely communication.


1. Enable an increased number of traditional units.

2. Enable the retention rate of traditional units.

3. Enable implementation of a unit service plan through collaborative detailed assessments and an increased number of significant unit contacts.

Journey to Excellence

Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools

Commissioner Manuals and Resources