Friends of Scouting

Every week over 5000 Scouts across the Delmarva peninsula raise their hand and make a promise. It's more than just a pledge to an organization. It represents a lifelong commitment to them, and to the community they share. It takes another kind of promise - the one within themselves - to help them grow into productive adults. Promises are what Scouting in the Del-Mar-Va Council is all about. 

Help us fulfill that promise by becoming a Friend of Scouting. 

Friends of Scouting (FOS) is our annual giving campaign encouraging families, businesses, community leaders and corporations to make a monetary investment in Scouting. It will cost the Del-Mar-Va Council approximately $250 per Scout on an annual basis. Your support is important - Now More than Ever! See our Friends of Scouting Brochure for more details. 

Ways to Give

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Make a gift at our Scouting Gives site today and pay today with a credit card or echeck. You will receive a gift receipt today.

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Our partner The Giving Block will accept non-cash gifts of over 100 cryptocurrencies and all common stocks on our behalf. Gifts donated as crypto or stock are treated as property by the IRS and offer the greatest tax efficiency.


Looking to make a positive impact on youth AND take advantage of the most tax efficient ways to make donations in the eyes of the IRS? Consider making a contribution to support Scouting with a CRYPTOCURRENCY or STOCK donation instead of cash. Donating cryptocurrency directly to a 501(c)3 nonprofit is more tax efficient and can save you money! The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property for tax purposes which means it is typically THE MOST tax efficient way to support Scouting. When donating crypto you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the crypto and you avoid the capital gains tax you would have incurred if you had sold the crypto and then made a donation. That means you are able to donate more, as well as deduct more on your tax return!  

Visit our Crypto/Stock Donation page to learn more