Nature, Ecology, Science & Technology done the Rodney Way

The nature program is a favorite of Rodney summer campers.  From the Bull Mountain Wilderness area to the Dismal Swamp, from the Chesapeake Bay to the North East River, come and explore the beautiful and varied wildlife, flora and fauna of our nationally recognized program.   Our Bull Mountain Wilderness Area was set aside in 1963 to be held forever wild, and serves as an area to observe animals close at hand, and for hiking and merit badge study.  Besides a full range of nature/ecology merit badges, the nature area also offers additional programs such as troop naturalist, brown bag nature program, and conservation projects.  Be sure to visit Dill Hall to see the many turtles, fish, snakes, and frogs from right here at camp!  Feeling adventurous... the bay hike will allow you to see the camp from the Chesapeake Bay and view its natural surroundings and maybe even see a bald eagle or two!

Archeology MB
Astronomy MB
Bird Study MB
Chess MB
Digital Technology MB
Electricity MB
Electronics MB
Engineering MB
Environmental Science MB

Fish & Wildlife Management MB
Fishing MB
Forestry MB
Geology MB
Insect Study MB
Mammal Study MB
Moviemaking MB
Nature MB
Nuclear Science MB
Oceanography MB
Photography MB
Pulp & Paper MB
Radio MB
Reptile & Amphibian Study MB
Robotics MB
Soil & Water Conservation MB
Space Exploration MB
Weather MB
Bay Hike
Conservation Projects
Troop Naturalist