2017 Leader's Guide 
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2017 Description of Programs 
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2017 Program Schedule
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*Note: the Program Schedule is organized by Program Category.
*Note: the Program Schedule is organized by Program Catagory.  The dark gray blocks represent when each class takes place.*
2017 Brownsea Program Letter 
(updated 2/23/17)


Annual Health and Medical Form
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Special Dietary Needs Form

Unit Swim Classification Procedures

2016 Merit Badge Prerequisite Form (PDF)
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There Are Many Ways to See Rodney!

Troop Camping - Come and enjoy the Rodney experience as a troop with your own leadership.  Attending summer camp as a troop is a great way to strengthen and train your youth leadership while also having the opportunity to grow your troop pride through camp-wide activities.  The most common method for youth to attend summer camp is with their troop.

Provisional Camping - Any Scout is welcome to attend Rodney for a summer camp experience, even if he is attending as an individual.  Provisional camping offers an opportunity for a Scout to attend camp who may not be able to attend camp with his troop or maybe just wants to attend an additional week of camp during the summer.  Provisional Scouts will be paired up with an existing troop at camp and will have the same opportunities for program and advancement as any Scout attending with his own troop.  Contact the camping services department at 302-622-3300 for information or an application.

Encore Camping - What is better than attending summer camp in the Del-Mar-Va Council? ... Attending more than one week of camp!!  Any Scout who would like to attend camp for a second week will be eligible for a discounted camp fee.  To be eligible, both camp sessions must be at a Del-Mar-Va Council camp (Rodney or Henson).

Food Service

option 1: Dining Hall - The most common means of food service at Rodney.  All campsites located in the Pathfinder and Wilderness camps attend meals at the Pathfinder Dining Hall.  Breakfast is served cafeteria-style while lunch and dinner are served family-style (each table has a waiter).  The dining hall also brings fun and excitement to the meals with announcements, songs, and cheers from the always cheerful camp staff!

option 2: Heater Stack - Troops in campsites located in the Lenape camp at Rodney will have there meals delivered to them via heater stacks.  All meals are delivered on a set schedule, so these troops do get to eat at the same time as dining hall troops.  All eating utensils and supplies are also delivered, so no extra preparation is needed.  This method works well to have your meals and relax in your troop site.

option 3: Troop Commissary - Back to basics, this is the true Scouting method of food service.  This method is for troops who wish to provide and cook all their own food for the week.  This also serves as a great opportunity to strengthen the patrol method in the troop and offer food choices that just might not be available from the camp's kitchen.  Be aware, if you cook anything extraordinary... the camp staff will follow!  This method is only available in Lenape campsites.

Food Restrictions - If any of your Scouts have dietary restrictions, including food allergies, don't panic!  The camp is ready and prepared to work through all situations.  With unusual situations, contact the main camp office at 410-287-5888 one-two weeks before you arrive in camp.

Camp Facilities

All Scouts will stay in 2-person wall tents set on wooden platforms with provided cots.  Some campsites also have a provided cabin that is to be used by the adult leadership.  Troops staying in campsites with cabins will not be provided tents for adult leaders.  Troops staying in the Lenape camp will stay in campsites that have kitchens with a stove and refrigerator.  Lenape campsites will also have a meeting room or a pavilion providing the troop a dining area.

Health & Safety

Rodney Scout Reservation prides itself in not only being one of the best Scout camps in the country, but also a safe one.  All Scouts and Scouters are expected to act in a safe manner at all times in camp.  Our trained medical staff are in-camp and on-call 24 hours per day in the camp's health lodge to assist with all needs from medications, to poison ivy, to bumps and bruises.  All Scouts and Scouters are expected to bring to camp their appropriate medical form and have a medical screening upon arrival.  Any questions regarding the health and safety policies of Rodney can be directed to the camp health officer at 410-287-5888 during the summer camp season.

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