Klondike Derbies

The Klondike Derby is a full day competition of stations which rely on patrol method and Scouting skills. The typical Klondike Derby consists of several stations where patrols/units must test their Scoutcraft skills and their leadership abilities, earning points towards a total score. 


Klondike Derby @ Rodney Scout Reservation -January 18-20, 2019

"Some Assembly Required" 

This year will require patrols have a prefabricated base of a sled prior to starting the Klondike.  The day of the competition, the Scouts will be required to finish the sled by lashing the railing and handles. Some deviation is allowed, but all components must be lashed onto the prefabricated base. 

The Klondike will be a full day competition of stations, which will rely on patrol method and scouting skills.  The top patrol will be awarded the Golden Nugget for a year, which is the annual trophy that passes from annual Klondike winner to winner. 


Klondike Derby @ Henson Scout Reservation - January 18-20, 2019

Battle of the Three Armies

This year's competition will be very different than previous years.  Troops will compete with other troops as armies in three separate areas around camp.  Each troop will compete against each other, but each army is competing against the other two armies.  This has been designed to encourage teamwork, helping others, and meeting other Scouts.  The events are all judged or timed and a total score is tallied for each unit. Prizes will be awarded at Saturday evening's campfire. 




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