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James E. West Fellowship Award

James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. He guided the growth of the movement for more than three decades. Individuals who make a $1000 or more cash gift to the Council Endowment Fund are recognized as James E. West Fellows. The recognition acknowledges the giver for significant dedication in the image of West.

A James E. West Fellowship gift is invested in the Council’s Endowment Fund. The income is used to assure the future of scouting on the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula. The gift can not diminish or replace a donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support.

Most James E. West Fellows make the gift themselves, although many individuals, groups or corporations make the contribution on behalf of someone else, such as an Eagle Scout, award recipient, retirement, special accomplishment, or anniversary. The recognition is also made in memory of a special individual or Scouter.

James E. West Fellows are honored with a certificate, pin and knot, which may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform. They also receive regular communications from the Council and invitation to events honoring endowment givers.

Applications and information on the James E. West Fellowship and other giving level recognitions are available through the Scout Service Center or by clicking HERE

The Del-Mar-Va Council's James E. West Fellows are listed below:

H. Lloyd Alexander, Jr.

Charles C. Allen, Jr.

Warren A. Allen, Sr.

Herbert R. Appler

Raymond R. Appler

Steven P. Artz

Curtis A. Barnhart

Richard J. Bennett

Richard Bennett

Michael C. Berg

R. Clifford Berg

William C. Bergmann

Robin P. Billings

Myrle G. Bowe

Thomas R. Bradford*

E. Bart Buckalew*

Douglas Bugel

Craig Clark

Whaland Clark, III

Robert W. Cook

David O. Cotton

Linda Cotton

Paul A. Coulston

John J. Cristea

Richard H. Crompton

E. F. Davidson*

Donald L. Davis

Keith A. Davis

Daniel E. Devine

Richard L. Doughty

Michael Dreisbach

Richard F. Foskett

Louisa Frazier*

James M. Gentry

J. E. Gervay

Joy R. Glime

Ronald N. Glime, Jr.

Dirk A.J. Goverts

Benjamin F. Harrington*

Kevin Harris

Ryan Harris

Richard F. Hazel

W. Thomas Hershey

Robert S. Hinderliter

Debra Ann Holland

David W. Holmes

Kirt D. Hubbard

Joyn D. Hukill

Alan M. Ingalls

Beth Jernigan

Finith E. Jernigan

Joseph L. Johnson, III

Walton A. Johnson, Jr.

Nancy Jones

Kathleen Joseph

Robert F. Kan

John L. Kernehan*

Ronald J. Kernehan

James Langer

Bertha Lasher

Pierre N. LeBrun

John C. Lewis

Nicholas J. Lombardo, Jr.

Patricia L. Lombardo

Allan E. Loomis, Jr.

Bradley G. Lundberg

Wayne A. Lyons

Charles G. Maass

Elwin Mackintosh

John F. Maurer, Jr.

Ellen Sue Mesick

Nelson Mesick

Ward G. Mesick

Charles H. Mitchell

Charles W.W. Mitchell, III

Randall T. Murrill, Jr.

Robert P. Murray

Martin T. Neat

Ralph Nelson

Dennis O’Neill

John A. Peden, Jr.

Paul D. Peters

Daniel A. Phillips

Daniel J. Protokowicz

Robert D. Pyle*

John P. Ried

Charles Rodgers

George J. Roman, Jr.

Richard L. Ropp

Richard Scott Rukat*

Charles L. Rummel

Richard C. Sames

Craig Schroeder

Byron Y. Sellers, Jr.

David R. Short

D. Bruce Simmons

Stephen E. Simmons

Frances E. Smith

Marvin H. Smith

Thomas E. Smith

J. Walton St. Clair, Jr.

Robert Statkiewicz

Stephanie E. Steckel

Charles F. Strang, Sr.

L.R. Stong

J. Raymond Teat

Regina A Teat

Kara E Teat

Ryan D Teat

Kenneth A. Thompson

Henry Topel

Harlan “Ted” Tull

William K. Turner

Brenda L.C. Twining

John A. Walker

William J. Walls, Jr.

T. Bruce Weaver, Jr.

Charles Weiner

Frances M. West

William Whisler

George Williams

D. Scott Wilson

Delmar L. Woerner*

Gary J. Wyatt, Sr.

* = deceased