Akridge Victory Gardens

Welcome gardners! You were probably sent here by Adrienne in preparation for planting your garden at Akridge Scout Reservation. Our learning plan to assist new Akridge Victory gardeners follows below. These 6 easy steps should provide you with links to help you be successful. If you are looking for helpful gardening tips at home, check out the list of other resources below. Have fun and GROW! 

Chapters - click on each to complete training (under construction)

  1. Intro to garden, social distancing, community garden etiquette Chapter 1 POSTED 4/29/20
  2. Select plants to grow Chapter 2 POSTED 5/3/20
  3. Planting Chapter 3 POSTED 5/5/20
  4. Mulching, weeding, staking, pruning Chapter 4 POSTED 5/12/20
  5. Watering, insect/disease control Chapter 5 POSTED 6/1/20
  6. Harvesting, sharing, storage, garden hygiene, cleanup
  7. Starting seeds and transplanting Chapter 7 POSTED 3/16/21
  8. Composting garden waste

Gardening Resources



Nine survival gardening crops to grow in a post-apocalyptic world.

No Dig Gardening.

14 store-bought vegetables & herbs you can regrow

7 Gardening Hacks with Plastic Bottles - Simple, Free, and Extremely Effective!

Recycle waste, grow salads in plastic bags

Gardening Basics

Cornell Garden-Based Learning - Growing Guides

Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know

Vegetable Gardening Guru

Companion Planting Chart


Thank you to Highmark Delaware for their generous support for our Victory Gardens!