2018-2019 Iron Hill District Committee

Name Functional Role
Rob Mack District Chair
Mike Gutzat District Commissioner
Eric Nichols District Award of Merit Coordinator
  Family FOS Chair
Bob Vander Decker Webelos to Scout Transition
Mary Zweiacher Membership Chair
John Sullivan Advancement/Membership
Marty Graney Activities and Civic Service Chair
Jim Adams Activities and Civic Service Committee
Fred Mann Roundtable Commissioner, Camping Promotions
Jason Bowman Training Chair, Cub Scout Training
Hal Garber Training Committee, Unit Commissioner
Ed Jochen Advancement Committee Chair
Kristina Breidenbach Advancement Committee

Andrew Hults

Merit Badge Dean, Advancement Committee
Gary Schiff Eagle Board Chair, Advancement Committee
Jen Lanning Advancement Committee, STEM Advocate
Allen Streett Asst. District Commissioner
Kim Fallon Membership Committee
Lars Jensen OA Chapter Advisor
  OA Chapter Chief
  Camping Chair
Stephen Williams Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Ben Urban Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Ed Rodichok Unit Commissioner
Brain Humphrey Unit Commissioner
  Unit Commissioner
  Unit Commissioner
Dale Streets Member at Large, Unit Commissioner
Sharon Sundelin Unit Commissioner
Boyd Reed Unit Commissioner
  Unit Commissioner

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