Cecil District Committee
Last Update: November 2016

Members and Offices




District Executive Dylan Hepner
District Committee Chair Brian Tome
District Commissioner John Wyman
         Assistant District Commissioner Mike Tetrault
         Assistant District Commissioner Bruce Cameron
         Roundtable Commissioner (Boy Scout) Ben Feril
         Roundtable Commissioner (Cub Scout) Carol Cameron
         Unit Commissioner Chris Kilmon
         Unit Commissioner Allen Sievert
         Unit Commissioner Henry Kramer
         Unit Commissioner Libby Coleman
         Unit Commissioner Christopher Reno
         Unit Commissioner Matt Koening
         Unit Commissioner Nick Henry
VC Program Chair Open  
         Publicity & Communications Gordon Toser
         Webmaster Henry Kramer
VC Membership Open  
         JSN Coordinator Open  
         Lost Boy Retention Open  
         New Unit Organizer Open  
         Webelos to Scout Transition Chair Christina Taylor
         Webelos Den Chief Coordinator Open  
VC Activities & Civic Service Wendy Keen
         Recognition Dinner Open  
         Pow Wow Open  
VC N.E.S.A. Kevin Hornberger
         N.E.S.A. Committee Allan Loomis
VC Health and Safety Open  
VC Finance Steve Dymowski
         Family Chair Open  
         Project Sales Open  
         Popcorn Carol MacArthur
VC Advancement & Recognition Marc Beckert
         Advancement Committee Beth Beckert
         Advancement Committee Scott Spencer
         Advancement Committee Mike Tetrault
VC Camp Promotion & Outdoor Kevin Hornberger
         Cub Day Camp (Coordinator) Lauralee Eskaros
         Cub Day Camp (Program) Michelle Thomas
         Cub Camp Promotions Robert Ward
         Order of the Arrow Michael Tetrault
VC Training Lauralee Eskaros
         Training Committee Ron Porcelli
         Training Committee Dottie Dhamer
         Training Committee Bruce Cameron
         Training Committee Carol Cameron
         Training Committee Luke Yackley
         Training Committee Gil Nagle
         Adult Recognition Ron Porcelli
VC Nominating Committee Karen Kuhn
         Member at Large Norm Wehner
         Member at Large Paul Harjung
         Member at Large Keith Davis
         Member at Large Tom Data
         Member at Large William Kennedy

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