Cecil District Commissioners
Last Update: August 2014

District Commissioner: John Wyman
Email: winderranger1@comcast.net

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Why do you need a Unit Commissioner?

Your unit needs a Unit Commissioner to ensure your success in Scouting. Your commissioner plays the roles of friend, representative, doctor, teacher and counselor for your unit.

What can you expect from your Unit Commissioner?

  1. To help your unit earn the Quality Unit Award.
  2. To visit your unit meetings at least once a month.
  3. To offer encouragement and support to all unit leaders.
  4. To work to assure effective and active unit committees.
  5. To encourage unit participation in district and council events.
  6. To help you solve problems within your unit.
  7. To help the unit succeed in on time charter renewal.
  8. To see that unit leadership is adequately trained.
  9. To be a constant resource for your unit.

Who is your Unit Commissioner?

Link to Unit Leadership Assignments

Would you like to become a Unit Commissioner?

If this sounds like something of interest to you please email either John Wyman, Cecil District Commissioner, or Nick Henry, Cecil District Executive.

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